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Having fed my bees last winter I am now at a loss as to how to distinguish between stored sugar and honey so as not to spread sugar on my toast.  Any ideas?

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Time to switch to stronger syrup?

General question: is it time to increase the concentration of syrup from 1:1 to 2:1? My hive is light on stored honey, and I recall that last year there was a cutoff date after which they stopped taking syrup. I … Continue reading

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Continuing wet weather & feeding

I am finding that, with the continuing wet weather, several of the smaller swarms that I hived earlier in the year are now out of stores.  This became obvious yesterday when I hefted the boxes, and was confirmed by looking … Continue reading

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no comb?

my third attempt to establish bees in my topbar hive seems to have been successful in that 10 days later they are still there and, when the sun shines, are busy coming and going looking very purposeful.  So today, in … Continue reading

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Warre Update

After more seemingly unrelenting weather, and very few bees appearing to be bringing in any pollen, I decided to feed on Wednesday using 500 ml of a 1:1 syrup solution in a bowl placed in the bottom of the hive. … Continue reading

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Warre Hive Feeders

Just trying to get a little more prepared for when some bees finally decide to make home here.  Do you have any details for what sort of feeder I should use for a Warre hive?  Are they commercially available or … Continue reading

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