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The Ultimate Irony from within

This morning (Friday at 0545hrs) I was on my way to work listening to Radio 4’s Farming Today program. The first item up was an interview with Margaret Ginman, a spokeswoman from the Bee Farmers Association. All well and good … Continue reading

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Mouseguard for Warre roof

I’ve just finished building my first Warre hive, and thought others might be interested to know that plasterers’ 13mm ‘Stop bead’ (from B&Q) is the perfect size to make a mouse guard for the roof. It’s cheap, easily cut with … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Irony from Bayer

Bayer, the company that makes insecticides that harm bees, has come up with the ultimate irony: buy their Provado Ultimate Bug Killer and get a free packet of bee seeds.  Their publicity continues the irony with: ‘There is a lot … Continue reading

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Not Strictly Bee Related

Look what I just found floating in my pond! (No – not the 50p piece!). Looks like he could give quite a nip! I don’t think I’ve seen such a large beetle before (except in a zoo!)

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Swarm Timing

Posted on behalf of Pamglos: My bees swarmed on 19th June and today, only six days later, they have swarmed again. They were both large swarms and the second swarm has gone to exactly the same spot as the first … Continue reading

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Bait hive – success and query

Hi Bees have landed in good numbers in two of my bait hives. This is a thrill and brilliant that it has worked! The bees are coming and going / milling about in and outside the hives in large numbers … Continue reading

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Taking & Hiving a Swarm

Posted on behalf of Shortwoodbeekeeper: (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

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Swarm Questions

Posted on behalf of Tramcaro: Watching a greater spotted woodpecker and one of his offspring climbing one of my garden trees last Tuesday, I suddenly noticed a swarm in the tree.  I had been away and come back the previous … Continue reading

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Forage decline over the centuries

In a conversation with Gareth a few days ago he mentioned that when he began beekeeping in the 70’s, it was normal to get 50 pounds of honey from a hive per year, and it was unusual to have to … Continue reading

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advice needed about a swarm please

I have been offered a swarm which will be collect and kept in a box overnight as I cant get there till tomorrow morning.  what’s the best thing to do?  transfer them to the hive as soon as I can … Continue reading

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