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The Ultimate Irony from Bayer

Bayer, the company that makes insecticides that harm bees, has come up with the ultimate irony: buy their Provado Ultimate Bug Killer and get a free packet of bee seeds.  Their publicity continues the irony with: ‘There is a lot … Continue reading

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Government Posturing on Pesticides a Busted Flush

Damian Carrington writes a good piece in the Guardian describing how the EFSA have concluded that the much trumpeted ‘evidence’ that UK government ministers constantly quote supporting neonics is, in fact, worthless.  He says: The trump card waved by the … Continue reading

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The World in a Jar

Consider a jar of honey on your breakfast table, ready to spread on your toast. Bees make honey from nectar.  Nectar is sugary plant sap.  The bees take the nectar back to the hive and concentrate it into honey.  So … Continue reading

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