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Government Posturing on Pesticides a Busted Flush

Damian Carrington writes a good piece in the Guardian describing how the EFSA have concluded that the much trumpeted ‘evidence’ that UK government ministers constantly quote supporting neonics is, in fact, worthless.  He says: The trump card waved by the … Continue reading

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Waitrose Bans Neonics from Supply Chain

The government can’t see it and Defra can’t see it, but supermarkets can: people don’t want food that poisons the countryside.  Waitrose has just announced a precautionary ban on the three neonics mentioned in the EU proposals throughout their supply … Continue reading

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MP’s Support Ban of Neonics, but BBKA Shows Abject Failure

The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee today published the two volume report of its investigation into Pollinators and Pesticides.  The report focussed on the so-called neonicotinoid group of insecticides and the conclusions are clear. The report recommends that that … Continue reading

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