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Robbing by Wasps

Has anybody suffered from wasps as I have this year.  I have lost an entire TBH to them – even with reduced entrance.  25 traps all around, also filled with wasps and hornets, trying to feed the bees as I … Continue reading

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Waste Less, Have More

We are constantly told to produce more food, but rarely focus on the vast amount of food that is wasted worldwide. Two reports this year do focus on global food waste (here & here).  The first of these says: …due … Continue reading

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Help please

  Hi there, I’ve got some carnies and noticed that several of my bees have a very visible white mark on them. Not sure if you can tell from the photo’s above. Would be grateful if anyone can tell me … Continue reading

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The Honey and the Ivy

Autumn approaches and the first of the ivy flowers are being visited by bees in warm sunny corners.  Ivy nectar flows can be heavy in these parts and can form an important addition to winter stores.  Some maintain that ivy … Continue reading

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Just watching the entrance…

… is not enough to get the full picture of what’s going on in your hive. My first bees, a swarm from the middle of June have been doing their own thing ever since I homed them. They’ve only ever … Continue reading

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Two colonies in the same hTBH

We have one hTBH and this year our colony swarmed four times.  We found homes for the first three but on good advice hived the last small swarm in the opposite end of the hive.  Both colonies are thriving and … Continue reading

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How can I improve Varroa resistance?

I use Top Bar Hives. For my first two years I used Apilife Var, oxalic acid etc and basically, there was a varroa problem each year. So at the start of this season I decided to clench my teeth and … Continue reading

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