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What are they doing?

These bees were in the log hive & have been so (the colony) for the last 2 years…this is the 3rd year, so they are jammed in there very cosily. It might be about 70-80 litre capacity in there all … Continue reading

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Swarm Moving up into Skep

This is a picture of a swarm similar to the one in my previous post moving from a young pear tree into a skep that is propped on an iron bar. Gareth, Cotswolds

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A Queenless Swarm

Yesterday, when I checked my hives in mid afternoon, one of them had a huge cluster of bees on the front.  This hive was in 5 Warré boxes (comb built in 4, bees festooning in the 5th).  I thought at … Continue reading

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