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White Backed Bees

Has anyone else noticed bees returning to the hive with white backs? I was very confused wondering if it was an invasion of outsider bees or a huge mite or what- but having searched the internet I think it must … Continue reading

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Stability of Warres in winds

I recently saw some occupied Warre hives for the first time and had an opportunity to study them up close. One thing puzzled me – why did the boxes not lock together, perhaps with simple overlapping bits of wood? There … Continue reading

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Difficulties in Posting

A member has brought my attention to a difficulty in creating new posts.  On trying it out, I have discovered the same glitch.  I find that the ‘pop out’ version of the new post dialogue box solves the problem.  Don’t … Continue reading

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Nettle Tea, Vitamin C and Sugar Syrup

I liked the idea of making nettle tea/syrup for my bees, after all bee food isn’t just sugar and water, and adding ascorbic acid to regulate the pH, attempt to enhance the food value and to delay the growth of … Continue reading

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How Many Boxes?

My query is really the reverse of to nadir or not to nadir.. posts. My bees have rebuilt their numbers somewhat after repeat swarming earlier this year and, despite looking (through window) very crowded in their one box have not … Continue reading

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Time to switch to stronger syrup?

General question: is it time to increase the concentration of syrup from 1:1 to 2:1? My hive is light on stored honey, and I recall that last year there was a cutoff date after which they stopped taking syrup. I … Continue reading

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