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When to reduce hive size

Hi, My question is when should I reduce the size of a warré hive for winter? This my first year with bees and I have two warré hives both of which were populated with swarms in June. The hives were … Continue reading

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what next?

I housed a swarm in June in by HTB hive and, from observations of thier behaviour, all seems to be going well – busy, gathering pollen, orientation flights on warm afternoons, comb building progressed as seen through the observation window. … Continue reading

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Why is some of my honey dark?

Most of the honey is light and natural looking whilst there is this bit that is much darker and doesn’t look particularly healthy.  I can’t see any signs of larva in there though haven’t really inspected properly. Would be grateful … Continue reading

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Beginners Course 7th & 8th September

I am delighted to say that my next beginners course is over the weekend of 7th & 8th September.  A chance to learn about the bee, meet fellow natural beekeepers and have an excellent lunch prepared by my wife.  More … Continue reading

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Oak Barrels

Hi there, Does anyone know if oak barrels are treated with anything detrimental to bees? Thanks, Tracy

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Do Cast Swarms Sometimes Have a Different Agenda?

I have once again seen a number of cast swarms this year that seem set on a path quite different from what I would expect.  My observations and thoughts are here.  You might be surprised!  Comments welcome, but on this … Continue reading

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