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When to reduce hive size

Hi, My question is when should I reduce the size of a warré hive for winter? This my first year with bees and I have two warré hives both of which were populated with swarms in June. The hives were … Continue reading

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Busy, robbing or getting ready to swarm?

As I come to the end of my first month of beekeeping, with a prime swarm in a Warré, things have changed in the last week; something that gets the natural beekeeper flapping a bit. Well this one at least, … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Irony from within

This morning (Friday at 0545hrs) I was on my way to work listening to Radio 4’s Farming Today program. The first item up was an interview with Margaret Ginman, a spokeswoman from the Bee Farmers Association. All well and good … Continue reading

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Bee deaths and preloved comb

All the bees in our Warre have sadly died. The warre had an established colony – this year would have been its third full year. There is no sign of disease, and there is honey left inside, in the top … Continue reading

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Finishing the hive

So last weekend was spent building my first warré hive. The question I have is what finishes do people recommend to paint the outside with? Thanks, Ben South Oxfordshire

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Stability of Warres in winds

I recently saw some occupied Warre hives for the first time and had an opportunity to study them up close. One thing puzzled me – why did the boxes not lock together, perhaps with simple overlapping bits of wood? There … Continue reading

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My First Swarm

was just sitting in the garden taking advantage of this beautiful weather and eating my lunch when the buzzing noise from around my hive increased exponentially.  Suddenly there were thousands of bees taking to the air and streaming across my … Continue reading

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