Disposal of my Hives (ptII)

Further to last years posting (September), I have recently suffered another anaphylaxis incident, following a bee sting on my neck. This was more serious than last year (I was unconscious) and the doctor has told me that another incident could be fatal.

Sadly the bees will have to go. Andrew Forbes (see previous comments) has offered to take one colony. I need to get rid of my my other colony (or both if someone wants both – Andrew is just taking one hive as a favour).

I haven’t touched either hive since the previous incident (except for an occasional peek through the observation windows). I haven’t treated them, taken honey,or fed them, but both seem pretty active.

I’m scared to go near them now, so I’m hoping that some kind soul will come and take them away for me.

You can contact me on 023 8026 8567 if you prefer and want to know any more. I am happy to wait until the weather turns colder (surely it must soon!!!)


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9 Responses to Disposal of my Hives (ptII)

  1. itsonlyausername says:

    I am so sorry to hear of your life threatening situation. If it is of any help I am willing to take both hives off your hands and willing to make the necessary arrangements to do so with you via telephone. I live in the North of Oxfordshire so its probably a fair old hike but that is not a problem.
    Will telephone tomorrow early evening if that suffices.

  2. itsonlyausername says:

    Should give you my home number to allow you to contact me if your already sorted out. 01295738601

    • grahambrookbanks says:

      Hello, whatever your name is, and thanks for your kind offer. I had a telephone call last evening from Paula in Somerset who has offered to take one of my hives. A local natural beekeeper has already offered to take the other one. If either or both of them change their minds I will give you a call to see if you are still interested in taking them

      • itsonlyausername says:

        Hi Graham,
        Always up for helping out wherever I can. Any hives will always be appreciated to add to the diversity of my own. However the local people who have offered to help out are obviously first choice as they are nearer and the bees will be less stressed by the journey etc.
        Keep me posted.
        Best wishes

  3. walthambees says:

    hi graham. how sad and scary. I am also happy to take a hive as mine colony died this summer. let me know. ruth

  4. grahambrookbanks says:

    Sorry to hear that you lost a colony this summer. Thanks for your offer. I live in Chandlers Ford which is over 200 miles and about four and a half hours from Waltham, so probably not feasible for you to collect them anyway.

  5. grahambrookbanks says:

    Thanks, Kev. Nice to have a name!


  6. solarbeez says:

    Simple Bees has been my inspiration for treatment-free beekeeping. I’m so sorry to hear about your reaction to bee stings. Will you still be writing about them?

  7. grahambrookbanks says:

    I have found another natural bee keeper who has agreed to take my hives, so I won’thave anything to write about!

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