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I am a complete novice to bee keeping - eager to learn, willing to try, happy to acknowledge that I know little and prepared to write about that in the hope that others will share their wisdom and experiences!

Wasps help!!!!

For about a week now my horizontal top bar hive has been under siege by wasps and, more recently, by hornets.  I reduced the 3 entrances to 1 and then reduced the size of that single entrance.  I’ve cautiously put … Continue reading

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what next?

I housed a swarm in June in by HTB hive and, from observations of thier behaviour, all seems to be going well – busy, gathering pollen, orientation flights on warm afternoons, comb building progressed as seen through the observation window. … Continue reading

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Update and more advice needed please

Many thanks to those who offered advice on homing my swarm. The bees are happily settled, busy, forraging and, I discovered through the observation window, building comb. BUT the comb is a running at right angles to the bars of … Continue reading

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advice needed about a swarm please

I have been offered a swarm which will be collect and kept in a box overnight as I cant get there till tomorrow morning.  what’s the best thing to do?  transfer them to the hive as soon as I can … Continue reading

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Thinking of using a Warre hive

My topbar colony appears to have survived its first winter – the bees are out and about when the sun shines, collecting pollen. So, thinking ahead, I want to prepare for the possibility that they will thrive in the coming … Continue reading

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what next?

My swarm was introduced into their top bar hive (horizontal) 8 weeks ago and, despite the bad weather, they seem to be happy, busy, taking pollen in and growing.  Two weeks ago I saw groups of about 40 bees hovering near the … Continue reading

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what is a bee inspector?

various posts have mentioned the bee inspector.  who is this? and why would they want/need to look at my bees?  how does the bee inspector even know I have bees? Ruth

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