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The World in a Jar

Consider a jar of honey on your breakfast table, ready to spread on your toast. Bees make honey from nectar.  Nectar is sugary plant sap.  The bees take the nectar back to the hive and concentrate it into honey.  So … Continue reading

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The Season Begins

After a long and unusually cold second half of winter, the hedgerows are finally turning green as the hawthorn shows its leaves. Distant willows have a misty appearance as their leaves too sprout forth.  The warmer weather and the spring … Continue reading

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Waitrose Bans Neonics from Supply Chain

The government can’t see it and Defra can’t see it, but supermarkets can: people don’t want food that poisons the countryside.  Waitrose has just announced a precautionary ban on the three neonics mentioned in the EU proposals throughout their supply … Continue reading

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MP’s Support Ban of Neonics, but BBKA Shows Abject Failure

The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee today published the two volume report of its investigation into Pollinators and Pesticides.  The report focussed on the so-called neonicotinoid group of insecticides and the conclusions are clear. The report recommends that that … Continue reading

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Early swarms

Just getting ahead of myself here… but hives almost finished so am getting excited.  I can’t say the building process has been as easy as expected, more just that it takes so flippin long to machine all the bits.  Will … Continue reading

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