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Moving bees from TBH to Warré

My wife and I are considering moving our bees from a TBH to a Warré, simply to make room in our garden. What is the best way to do this? I can cut honeycomb and place it in the Warré but … Continue reading

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Warm versus Cold Way

So, we have our first Warre hive. And as I put it together it struck me… which way should I orient the bars with respect to the entrance? I would welcome peoples’ views on this. I live in the UK … Continue reading

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Condensation / ventilation question

I have two TBH’s. One had a large colony at the end of last year, one a small one. I just opened the small one to feed it (probably a meddling mistake but I was very alarmed how light it … Continue reading

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Why use wood walls for hives

I’ve been discussing hive insulation with an architect/beekeeper. We were pondering EPS (expanded polystyrene) which would make a better insulator than wood – the same thickness is a better insulator and much lighter, though I know bees like a wood … Continue reading


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How can I improve Varroa resistance?

I use Top Bar Hives. For my first two years I used Apilife Var, oxalic acid etc and basically, there was a varroa problem each year. So at the start of this season I decided to clench my teeth and … Continue reading

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Forage decline over the centuries

In a conversation with Gareth a few days ago he mentioned that when he began beekeeping in the 70’s, it was normal to get 50 pounds of honey from a hive per year, and it was unusual to have to … Continue reading

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Stability of Warres in winds

I recently saw some occupied Warre hives for the first time and had an opportunity to study them up close. One thing puzzled me – why did the boxes not lock together, perhaps with simple overlapping bits of wood? There … Continue reading

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Time to switch to stronger syrup?

General question: is it time to increase the concentration of syrup from 1:1 to 2:1? My hive is light on stored honey, and I recall that last year there was a cutoff date after which they stopped taking syrup. I … Continue reading

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TBH design: feedback and ideas please?

TBH’s have evolved a lot since I got my first one 2 years ago. I am getting a custom one made and I am trying to have as many features as I can think of incorporated to make it better … Continue reading

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Excessive queen cups

Opened a TBH today, checking for signs of swarming like queen cells. There were 10 bars of brood, getting on for 18 bars of bees in all – a big colony. Found about 30 small queen cups (about the length … Continue reading

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