What are they doing?

What are they doing?

These bees were in the log hive & have been so (the colony) for the last 2 years…this is the 3rd year, so they are jammed in there very cosily. It might be about 70-80 litre capacity in there all together but as far as I’m aware, there hasn’t been a swarm since they moved in.
Today, they’ve emerged to the surface of the log & appear to have started building wax under the cluster. I think it’s wax…it certainly isn’t log!
Has anyone any idea what they might be about? My own thinking is that they know they have to move but don’t really want to budge from where they are even though there is 4* accommodation just across the bee garden.
I have placed a skep not far from where they are but am mystified by their odd behaviour.
Can anyone please advise me on their behaviour?

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6 Responses to What are they doing?

  1. salp111 says:

    Having revisited with a strong torch, glasses & a magnifying glass, I must revise my statement about the comb. It looks like very pale bark so they are not building comb but the rest stands. Were they too hot & have come out for a breather or is this a prelude to tomorrows swarming?

  2. deweysanchez says:

    Could be either…. guess that isn’t too helpful 🙂

  3. solarbeez says:

    My log hive swarmed twice this year, six times last year, but it’s only about 40 liters. Hal just called to tell me his log hive swarmed again, landed in the same tree as two weeks ago.
    I’d say you’re looking at a swarm getting ready. Maybe the queen isn’t on board yet. 🙂

  4. salp111 says:

    The anticipation is excrutiating!

  5. simplebees says:

    I have had any number of hives with bees clustered on the front this last week. One of three things has happened:

    A prime swarm has issued and I have taken it (3 hives)

    A prime swarm has issued and I have missed it (2 hives)

    The hive has not yet swarmed (2 hives).


  6. salp111 says:

    I’ve placed a skep above it as I am fairly sure (as sure as I can be) the queen was outside before she disappeared under several bees. This is the 3rd night running this has been going on but today I noticed a few scout bees checking out a bait hive, so perhaps they’re waiting for a decent place to hop into or I wondered if the qu
    een would be too old or fat to fly?

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