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This evening, at about 5pm, some bees collected a couple of days ago have, for the second time come out en masse to fly about. Again, for the second time I noticed a small clump of bees on the ground…in … Continue reading

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Whitewash on Skeps

I am looking to paint my cloomed skeps with a lime whitewash but before I buy it would first like to make sure I’m not going to be poisoning the bees or anything else that comes into contact with it … Continue reading

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Stored Honey or Stored Sugar?

Having fed my bees last winter I am now at a loss as to how to distinguish between stored sugar and honey so as not to spread sugar on my toast.  Any ideas?

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Mould on Comb

Hi, I have just inspected my Warre Hive (16/02/2013), located in Yatton, North Somerset by briefly opening the side windows to view inside. I noticed a green mould growing on the comb and parts of the comb have broken/split. The … Continue reading

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