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Full up TBH

My horizontal TBH is full up beyond the followers.  The bees went through the hole in the followers left open since feeding them from jar feeders last autumn and have built comb on the ‘spare bars’.  I had added more bars … Continue reading

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Feeding advice please

My bees seemed to be coping okay in between the rainy days and when I last looked some weeks back they had honey. I was trying to let them do their own thing but am now getting cold feet as … Continue reading

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White Backed Bees

Has anyone else noticed bees returning to the hive with white backs? I was very confused wondering if it was an invasion of outsider bees or a huge mite or what- but having searched the internet I think it must … Continue reading

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Cross combing continued!

We had a surprisingly warm and sunny afternoon yesterday so I was able to take a peek at the two new swarms. The one which had to be removed from a National to a new Horizontal is perfectly straight with … Continue reading

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Newbee out on a limb

This beekeeping is like child rearing – everyone has something different to say but I value all the comments! Unfortunately I didn’t get them till I had gone out on a limb on my own.  I know now I should have … Continue reading

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Woo Hoo!

Very happy as I just caught another swarm! Bless those bees! The TBH next door cast a fairly large swarm this afternoon so we spread out a cloth – put the swarm box on it and gently shook the main … Continue reading

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Bees on the Move

The TBH is back home with the transfered colony from the national. They had their 5 day ‘holiday’ 5 miles away and we picked them up at sunset, having screwed the followers in place to help prevent the bars slipping … Continue reading

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National under wraps

National under wraps

All dressed up and ready to go – bees on the move the other night

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Transport issues

I have been given a swarm from the neighbours – the bees decided to go and live in an old redundant National next to their stables where they just aren’t wanted. We duly took the national 5 miles away and … Continue reading

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