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Disposal of my Hives (ptII)

Further to last years posting (September), I have recently suffered another anaphylaxis incident, following a bee sting on my neck. This was more serious than last year (I was unconscious) and the doctor has told me that another incident could … Continue reading

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Dave Goulson discussing research on bumblebee decline

You might be interested to listen to this interview on BBC4’s ‘The Life Scientific’ which is scheduled to be broadcast this evening at 21:30:

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How to Dispose of my Colonies

I was cutting down the wildflower meadow behind my beehives yesterday.  I was using hand shears (rather than the hedge trimmer I used last year) because I thought it was less likely to upset the bees. Nevertheless, one bee took … Continue reading

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My First Collected Swarm


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The Wonder of Bees – BBC4 with Martha Kearney

I’ve just missed the first episode.  Fortunately it’s repeated tonight at 01:30 so I’ve set the recorder!

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Harvesting the Honey

I presently have a single four-box Warre hive.  Actually, the top box is a Langstroth ‘Jumbo’ brood box.  The bees were delivered to me in the Langstroth Jumbo in October 2012.  After over-wintering I placed the Jumbo box (with a … Continue reading

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Setting Up a Second Hive

At the moment I have one Warre hive on a two-hive stand.  I have a second Warre hive ready for occupation, which I intend to place on the stand next to the occupied hive. I have two questions which I … Continue reading

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Mouseguard for Warre roof

I’ve just finished building my first Warre hive, and thought others might be interested to know that plasterers’ 13mm ‘Stop bead’ (from B&Q) is the perfect size to make a mouse guard for the roof. It’s cheap, easily cut with … Continue reading


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Not Strictly Bee Related

Look what I just found floating in my pond! (No – not the 50p piece!). Looks like he could give quite a nip! I don’t think I’ve seen such a large beetle before (except in a zoo!)

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Secondary Swarm

My bees have just swarmed again – only ten days since the previous swarm! Unfortunately, this time they decided to settle in next door’s garden.  My neighbour called round in an agitated state to tell me.  Fortunately they were in … Continue reading

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