Brusque method

Any comments on this method of housing bees please?

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5 Responses to Brusque method

  1. simplebees says:

    A reference to somewhere that explains it would help. Google just refers me to your post…


  2. marmalade14 says:

    I have only heard about it but I believe it is a popular method in France. It sounds like methods used in ancient times where they used hollowed-out tree trunks and killed the bees to take the honey.
    Today I think they put top bars across and design a roof but I don’t know if honey extraction is possible or whether it is more for conservation. The trunk seems to sit on the floor on a large stone or it could be on a stand.
    I will do some more research.

  3. salp111 says:

    I have seen a u tube video some time ago of short trunks sitting on a stone slab with a stone roof also and top bars beneath. They certainly didn’t kill the bees to get the honey but removed the bars instead.. They were on a french hillside I believe. The language was french, so I am only assuming. It was the inspiration for my own tree trunk hives….bigger & not really for honey consumption. My next project is going to be something along the lines of the above picture as bees do seem to enjoy the height, being creatures of the air & the above structure is a splendid beast in its own right!

  4. deweysanchez says:

    They are really just the most basic of managed log hive. Small amounts of honey can be harvested by removing the stone on top/lid and scooping out honey comb. I think with modern tools a better option for bee and beekeeper can be worked out

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