This evening, at about 5pm, some bees collected a couple of days ago have, for the second time come out en masse to fly about. Again, for the second time I noticed a small clump of bees on the ground…in the grass. I put the skep over them & they all climbed up it, followed by the rest. As they had already built some comb in the skep overnight ,inbetween when they were collected & the morning after when they were walked into the Warre, & also built comb in the Warre during that day they were hived, I put the two together….a bit of a hodge podge but they seemed happy enough….I thought, without any mad dashing about…much more calm & normal looking until this evening when they swarmed out.

I am wondering if the queen is a virgin who is trying to fly out to a drone zone & can’t for some reason, perhaps injured so falls to the ground when trying to fly or whether she just doesn’t like it where she is…or what?

I saw her when they went into the Warre & she seemed ok. Not flying but walking!

So the bees are now in a completely different skep( as I couldn’t take apart the other one quick enough,) situated next to the original. This they flew into of their own accord…admittedly after I’d put the skep over the top of the little clump of bees on the grass with just a few left on the comb in the Warre; plenty of fanning & no coming out after they’ve gone in which they were doing in the Warre…”.looking ” for the queen, I assume.

Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?

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