Full up TBH

My horizontal TBH is full up beyond the followers.  The bees went through the hole in the followers left open since feeding them from jar feeders last autumn and have built comb on the ‘spare bars’. 

I had added more bars before going away for 2 weeks and on my return found this situation.

This hive swarmed about 2 weeks ago (successfully caught and rehived in second HTBH) but we have not had good enough weather to have a proper look in this original hive to see what’s going on. Now it is warm and sunny I wonder what the best approach is to sorting the hive out. Even since the swarm, bees are still clustering at the entrances and I think they may swarm again. I have not taken honey before – is now the time to have a go?

What do you think I may find at the ends beyond the followers – honey or brood? Advice on what to do please. I know the original combs were built crossed but the later ones looked straight. A bit of a mess I am afraid. Inexperienced but well meaning keeper :0(


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3 Responses to Full up TBH

  1. Eddy Radar says:

    Generally, bees don’t want brood all over. My guess it is honey/pollen. If they are making that much, lucky you! you want about 60 lbs of honey for them to over-winter with, so that’s about 8-9 frames, and the brood should take up about the same. If you do not remove the honey, they will stop making it — it is thermal mass to regulate the hive temperature. Keep capped honey in a sealed box in case you need to help them get thru next spring, but in the mean time, sounds like you have something delightful to put on your morning toast!!

  2. ingrid says:

    Thanks Eddy. I will have to see what they have been up to and will post what I find!

  3. deweysanchez says:

    Probably honey/nectar. The queen is less likely to venture through the hole. Make sure you add new bars into the brood nest rather than just at the ends of the hive other the can become honey bound and the hive swarm even with plenty of space at the ends

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