My First Collected Swarm


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3 Responses to My First Collected Swarm

  1. grahambrookbanks says:

    Not sure what went wrong with my posting (above). I was asking advice about whether to add a third box to my Warre hive. If the colony feels cramped, might they swarm again? Any advice gratefully received.


    Graham Brookbanks

    Chandlers Ford, Hampshire

    • deweysanchez says:

      Not experienced with warres but that looks like a big swarm so it may be worth giving them a week or so and then add a third. Just let them settle in first.

      • grahambrookbanks says:

        Thanks, Dewey – that sounds like good advice. I’ve built inspection windows into the boxes, so I may have a peek in when they’ve settled down and see how they’re getting on. They certainly seem busy this morning with lots of coming and going.


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