Archers Parrots Bayer and BBKA

Today the 5 million or so listeners of the BBC radio drama the Archers heard an epsode straight from the Bayer/BBKA book of children’s scare stories.  We heard (at 7.30 mins) that the neonic ban will reduce oilseed rape yields and harm bees.  The harm is because farmers will supposedly use older more toxic chemicals instead.  No mention is made of the possibility of using IPM on the crop and no mention is made of the fact that yields did not rise when neonics came in (so why should they fall when they are removed?).  As to the comment in the story about bees starving due to less oil seed rape being planted, given the demand for fuel crops that is driving OSR acreage, I doubt very much that plantings will fall significantly.

The process is somewhat tortuous, but the BBC complaints page is here.

Gareth, Cotswolds


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4 Responses to Archers Parrots Bayer and BBKA

  1. Ingrid says:

    lodged my complaint – waiting with interest to see what Auntie has to say!

  2. Thanks for prompting me to take action. I seethed when I heard it last night. Maybe Gill Archer will see the light and convert?

  3. deweysanchez says:

    Reblogged this on August Cottage Apiary and commented:
    Never really been one for mission but what the hey. Complaint logged.

  4. Lindylou says:

    Gareth thank you for giving the place to post a BBC complaint I used it for a complaint re. The Martha Kearny programmes last year and a gardening one this year. In both a ‘masterbeekeeper’ advised M. Kearny and the gardener to make a cut in the wing of their queen bees to prevent her being able to fly away. This practice is one of the things that made me stop learning beecraft from a regular teacher and look for Bio Dynamic beecraft instructors. I said that it was an abject practice and that the BBC should not give airing room to people who advise others to disfigure creatures they want to hold power over. If they reply I will let you know what comes of it.

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