Log beehive, mark 2

Log beehive, mark 2

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6 Responses to Log beehive, mark 2

  1. salp111 says:

    This was meant to be posted on the page where we were talking about taking honey, but my ineptitude on the computer led to this. My apologies.

  2. jen3972 says:

    It’s gorgeous, whatever page it’s on!

  3. salp111 says:

    Thanks, Jen3972. It took a fair bit of elbow grease to make it but worth every second. The bees seem to love these hives & are, so far, thriving well.

    • solarbeez says:

      I agree…my log hive is doing very well, treatment free, but it doesn’t have that fancy straw hat. Nice job!

  4. salp111 says:

    Cheers. The hat is a bit of a fashion statement!! 🙂

  5. deweysanchez says:

    Reblogged this on August Cottage Apiary and commented:
    Nice work.

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