Organic farming in Brazil

A short & inspirational programme about one man in Brazil who has listened to his common sense, revitalised his soil & is still quids in, in spite of the scientists!! Well worth a listen.

If you go to BBC iplayer, copy & paste the address, it should come up with the right page. If not, just visit BBCiplayer & type in Sheila Dillon which should point you in the right direction.
It’s called “The Sugarman Of Brazil”

Ok, it’s about sugar…but the principles can be applied to any farming produce.

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1 Response to Organic farming in Brazil

  1. Melanie says:

    A fantastic article, just shows what can be done. Organic and Biodynamic systems will save the world. Conventional farming is a disaster. Anyone growing by holistic methods remember you are NOT alone, our movement is growing worldwide and contact/support is readily available.

    Melanie, North Yorkshire

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