why bees are disappearing


A short but sweet video on the various reasons for the bees troubles.
Well worth a look & sending on to all your friends, so we aren’t just preaching to the already converted!

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2 Responses to why bees are disappearing

  1. Julia says:

    Thanks for posting this informational TED video. What was most interesting to me was the last seconds of the show, where the host asked the lecturer if the difficult situation for bees had bottomed out, the lecturer replied was basically no, but she quickly added, in a last second breath, that bee keepers had managed to recuperate their losses by splitting hives. GASP! She had made a giant step forward for bees in her lecture, but with that comment, her lecture was back to zero. As Gareth mentioned somewhere on this site in a post – splitting hives was like cutting a worm in two.

    My own thoughts are that if we (beekeepers – at any level – ) want to keep “health” the primary goal, and allow bees to extend themselves naturally by swarming, and at the same time, encourage commercial beekeepers to do the same but without actually saying “bee health for the common good” then how about we natural beekeepers offer to pay double the price when buying bees for a healthy swarm over a normal nuc, for example. I for one will try this with the man that I bought my two hives from this spring. Any thoughts on this?

  2. salp111 says:

    None of these videos/films are perfect but it did seem such a clear message that i completely missed that last comment in my great enthusiasm for spreading the word. It’s an important point & thanks for pointing it out.
    I have just watched a film called “More than honey”by Markus Imhoof which demonstrated the barbarity of much of the commercial honey men, including splitting colonies, artificial insemination, trucking the hives across America etc etc. Much of it was very upsetting…& like I said…barbaric. Were we to treat any other important agricultural creature in such a way, I am sure there would be huge objections; involvement of RSPCA and other institutions concerned with cruelty to animals. But as it’s only an insect………….!!!!!!! If you get a chance, watch that film too. It will really get you going.

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