Oak Barrels

Hi there,

Does anyone know if oak barrels are treated with anything detrimental to bees?




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4 Responses to Oak Barrels

  1. simplebees says:

    If it’s a barrel that is an old whisky or wine barrel, I would think not. I can’t imagine anyone making oak barrels just for sale to garden centres etc due to the cost, so I’m guessing that all barrels are likely to be ex-wine/spirit barrels. Does anyone more definitively?
    Gareth, Cotswolds

  2. johnmkubwa says:

    Scottish whisky distilleries have used old port or sherry barrels to enhance the whisky flavours. We have an oak barrel as a water butt from a garden centre; it looks like it has been given an internal coating of tar or something similar to make it waterproof. Half barrels that I have seen are tarred.
    John H, Stockbridge Hants

  3. tracywebb255 says:

    Thanks for your replies. I suppose it’s best to ask the seller (when I find one) if the barrels have been treated etc.

  4. jonbinspired says:

    Old whisky barrels I have purchased in the past have a very strong odour which I suspect may be too strong for the bees.
    Jonathan, Somerset

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