Honey Harvesting equipment

With thoughts starting to turn to honey harvesting in the next month or so, I am looking at what equipment I need to get in order to be able to harvest effectively from a Warre.

Does anyone have any recommendations of – methods of harvesting, equipment used for filtering comb from honey e.g. tanks, strainers etc. If you know of anything useful could you maybe include links, photos etc. that might help.

Many thanks

Graham, Reading Berkshire

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3 Responses to Honey Harvesting equipment

  1. Paul says:

    Here’s how I do it…

    Remove comb from hive, shaking as many bees off as possible, put in a trap out box overnight (shown here: http://oxnatbees.wordpress.com/2013/07/04/honey-harvesting-trap-out-box/ )

    Take comb out of box in early morning before bees are about, brush off last few bees, now have 2 options…

    – For most comb, need to sieve it through a course sieve (to remove dead bees and crud) and a fine sieve (eg muslin). Here’s how I do it. I plonk it straight into this large strainer thing: http://www.thorne.co.uk/honey-and-wax-processing/tanks-valves-storage-and-strainers/strainers?product_id=4680 . I do this outside the house, after brushing the last few bees off the comb in the early morning, as you WILL drip honey moving things from container A to container B! This strainer has a strong metal sieve and below the metal, but I suspend a muslin bag just below the strainer. See http://www.thorne.co.uk/honey-and-wax-processing/tanks-valves-storage-and-strainers/strainers?product_id=4692 . The comb is then mashed up and the honey leaks out over a day or so,

    – I also cut a few bits of natural comb out with one of these http://www.thorne.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=2112
    and put the comb in these things – http://www.thorne.co.uk/packaging-and-hive-products/containers/plastic-honey-containers?product_id=4891
    This is an unbelievably sticky operation. Yum

    Make sure you have lots of clean surface to work on, perhaps covered with a disposable or washable thing. Also a knife, spoon, large plate to put things on when they begin falling apart, and best read up on novel swear words so you sound more erudite and in control when it all begins sliding towards the stickyapocalypse in a handbasket.

    I hope you have been storing and washing all your jam jars.

  2. Paul – thanks for this, really helpful.

    Graham, Reading Berkshire

    • andcnov says:

      If you’re using frames, although it does not look as if you are, there is a thing called a Honeyspinner (Honeyspinner.com) see Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUa5SiTnNo8. This looks as if you can buy the whole thing and/or plans. Although it may be possible to fabricate something similar if you’ve a mind to?

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