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Swarm Questions

Posted on behalf of Tramcaro: Watching a greater spotted woodpecker and one of his offspring climbing one of my garden trees last Tuesday, I suddenly noticed a swarm in the tree.  I had been away and come back the previous … Continue reading

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Forage decline over the centuries

In a conversation with Gareth a few days ago he mentioned that when he began beekeeping in the 70’s, it was normal to get 50 pounds of honey from a hive per year, and it was unusual to have to … Continue reading

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advice needed about a swarm please

I have been offered a swarm which will be collect and kept in a box overnight as I cant get there till tomorrow morning.  what’s the best thing to do?  transfer them to the hive as soon as I can … Continue reading

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Natural Beekeeping Beginners’ Course

The next of my natural beekeeping courses will be for beginners and will run over the weekend of 27th & 28th July in West Oxfordshire.  I am now taking bookings.  Details are here. Gareth, Cotswolds

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Government Posturing on Pesticides a Busted Flush

Damian Carrington writes a good piece in the Guardian describing how the EFSA have concluded that the much trumpeted ‘evidence’ that UK government ministers constantly quote supporting neonics is, in fact, worthless.  He says: The trump card waved by the … Continue reading

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Keeping Swarms in Warm Weather

In warm weather, a swarm left until evening in a skep at the swarm site, to ensure all the bees are in place, may result in the loss of the swarm.  This occurs when the scout bees are particularly active … Continue reading

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Queen Cells

While I was adding a fresh new box to my hive, I noticed that there are two uncapped queen cells and a host of drone cells in one of the boxes. Assuming the colony is raising a new queen as … Continue reading

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