The Ultimate Irony from within

This morning (Friday at 0545hrs) I was on my way to work listening to Radio 4’s Farming Today program. The first item up was an interview with Margaret Ginman, a spokeswoman from the Bee Farmers Association. All well and good until you listen to what this spokeswoman has to say. You can download the podcast for free dated 28th June 2013. According to a website I visited Margaret Ginman is the first paid secretary of the Bee Farmers Association. She is also a journalist and a businesswoman.

Also according to her anyone who doesn’t keep bees doesn’t know anything about bees and is therefore of no consequence to what needs to be done for bees. So don’t bother planting any bee friendly garden plants people. You don’t know what you are doing. The very odd thing was she very deliberately did not go anywhere near neonicotinoids. Neither did the presenter interviewing her. I know why too. 🙂

Ah! The Dark Side methinks. The Bayer Connection!

As for the proposed solutions from Lord de Mauley that were discussed she dismissed them until she had had a chance to ask him what he meant by these reserves for bees. In fact her entire tone was one of derision of anyone else, even beekeepers, for even daring to suppose we actually know anything about bees. If you aren’t a Bee Farmer Association member of this organisation then you don’t know anything about bees.

This woman and her association needs a swift reminder of the importance of natural beekeepers and the real world people who care enough to try to help pollinators without expectation of reward. Arrogant, pompous and very insulting. That was and still is my view.

How does the BBC Radio 4 team manage to find these people everytime I’m listening to it? This is the second time recently where they have presented an erroneous and biased report on beekeeping.

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7 Responses to The Ultimate Irony from within

  1. simplebees says:

    Keivn, you seem to suggest with your link to High Weald BKA that because Margaret is chairman of that group she is batting on the side of Bayer. It is certainly not the case that all BKA members are happy with the current pesticide position. The chairman of Hampshire BKA recently said this in the Farmers Guardian:

    I agree that it is about time that those responsible for the health of bees got their act together. It it is unforgiveable to enforce the neonicotinoid ban only from 1 December 2013 as this allows farmers to sow oil seed rape in August/September using seeds dressed with neonicotinoids. How crassly stupid is that?!

    It also seems that few people realise that these three neonicotinoids are systemic. It is a fact that some scientists know this, although the agri-chemical companies have kept very quiet about it for a long time. Since infected pollen and nectar are the main constituent parts of brood food, it is small wonder that our pollinators are suffering. What else is nicotine other than a poison?
    Therefore, we should not be surprised at the harmful effects caused to wildlife in general.

    Charles Oliver-Bellasis FRICS
    Chairman, Hampshire Beekeepers Association
    President, Basingstoke & District Beekeepers Association

    You will find others in local BKA’s who feel similarly, if you seek them out. Ms Ginman, sounded to me like a person who feels they are losing control of the debate and that her group are becoming sidelined. What is needed is open, honest, debate and an alliance of like minded people, regardless of the group they belong to.

    Gareth, Cotswolds

  2. salp111 says:

    I often wonder why our voices are not being heard?
    Is it that we don’t have a voice? Or is it that our voice is too challenging? Or too small? Or are we not shouting from the rooftops as we could?
    Why are we not on radio 4 giving our point of view, our understanding, our information about this nasty nasty stuff?
    I don’t think the masses really understand what is happening. Not that I understand it all either but I think I have more of an idea than the average person in the street who I am guessing might be the masses? I am guessing we are , in fact, in the minority as far as understanding the damage that neonics can do & what they might be about. Most people still don’t really know what they are about & how could they with all the contradictory information bandied about……..
    I recently met a bee farmer who is very concerned about neonics. he didn’t know much about them but what he did know worried him. I agree that all us concerned bods could do worse than combine resources & really have a go at the government /agrochems.

  3. itsonlyausername says:

    I recently met a local farmer who I have known for years. He didn’t understand how neonicotinoids worked. He couldn’t understand how a chemical applied in October could harm bees the following year. He said that his fellow farmers didn’t understand it either. That suggests they don’t know what they are applying to the land. They don’t know what ystemic insecticides’ are. That is scary.

    As I tried to say in my original posting, the Bee Farmers Association had the golden opportunity to make a comment or even state their position on neonicotinoids but they did not. Why?
    The BBKA have had ample opportunity to retract their previous assumptions about neonicotinoids and at the very least admit they were conned. In my opinion they colluded with the enemy who created this stuff for financial benefit. Bayer sold it as an agricultural benefit knowing of its accumulating tendency in the soil (I actually saw the graphical evidence in a parliamentary meeting in March) where it is subsequently taken up by whatever plant or shrub or tree that has roots in that soil.
    The evidence of harm has been proven numerous times. Pesticides kill insects. Bees are insects. So what part of ‘harmful’ are the masses and the government not getting?
    The one they are not being told.
    To me this suggests that the agrichemical industry is taking full advantage of peoples ignorance. It suggests that the government is also ignorant, more so where it fits their agenda. So let’s not forget this agenda.
    Its all about sustainable economic growth. Which is an oxymoron. There is nothing sustainable about economic growth. There is nothing sustainable about hand pollinating crops.
    Every physicist will tell you that one of the fundamental laws of physics is effort (energy) in equals effort (energy) out. Hand pollinating crops is not equal to the food we actually get.
    We’re not bees.

  4. salp111 says:

    Too right , it’s scary.
    Farmers are in a difficult situation where they are advised by agronomists who are advised by….who? They will only know what either they make it their business to know or they are advised & that applies to both parties, agronomists & farmers alike.
    I still don’t have the answer to my question concerning the supervision (or whatever) of the “ban”. My guess is that there won’t be any & things will pretty well go along as before with winter sowing doing its job for the subsequent sowing in the spring, with the ever-increasing accumulation in the soil, for good measure. It’s strange…or not really …how my comments are being ignored about accumulation. Not once has it been addressed in a minesterial response to my letters.
    I am writing back to the government to try & get a clearer picture but won’t be holding my breath for a reply. I am getting sick of the way they are treating me: as though I don’t have a brain in my head & can’t possibly understand the problems associated. I admit, I’m not the sharpest pin on the planet but I’m not as thick as they would have me!!
    I may be mistaken but I think the BBKA have retracted their total approval of neonics ,. I vaguely recall reading something about their regrets for the “bribery” that occured & that they are providing money for research. Not sure to whom exactly….hopefully not the government…..but it implies a healthier approach. Certainly some ordinary members are concerned & have stopped using neonics & insecticides in general .
    i absolutely agree that the agrochems are taking advantage of peoples ignorance. I wanted to do something to counteract that so have produced a leaflet to distribute locally. I’ll have a go at posting it in a minute. People are slowly getting the message that these unpronounceable things are bad for the bees, even if they don’t quite understand why or how. We will prevail!!!!

  5. itsonlyausername says:

    This leaflet you have written up on neonicotinoids. It would make a very good printed reminder to educate the masses about the real threats to bees. If it has links to groups or organisations who are actually involved with the bee campaigns then all the better. Even if its just a handful of individuals who take it on board its a few more than we had before. I would love to see a copy to print off and distribute around my neighbourhood.
    Also I would like to see anything regarding the new BBKA position on neonicotinoids. If they have changed their position it will be a major triumph. Any news on that front would be most welcome.
    I will also write to my MP Tony Baldry to ask him about the soil residues from neonicotinoids. I will be happy to compare notes from our respective MP’s, especially if they are from the same party.

  6. salp111 says:

    I did send a copy to Gareth for printing but not sure what happened after that. I will ask.

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