Mouseguard for Warre roof

Mouseguard for Warre roof

I’ve just finished building my first Warre hive, and thought others might be interested to know that plasterers’ 13mm ‘Stop bead’ (from B&Q) is the perfect size to make a mouse guard for the roof. It’s cheap, easily cut with a hacksaw and easy to fix with gimp pins. It’s also the perfect height.

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4 Responses to Mouseguard for Warre roof

  1. itsonlyausername says:

    Is the stop bead metal or plastic? If its plastic is it relatively hard plastic or soft and slightly flexible?
    The reason I ask is because your method of protecting the hive is neat, simple and doesn’t involve any dismantling to access the quilt box. It also uses less mesh too which works out less costly.
    Unfortunately plastic is not particularly resistant to mice gnawing it away. The harder the plastic the longer it will resist mouse attack but in the end it will succumb. It also depends on how determined the mice are.
    I still like the design though. You can actually get a metal version of the same in I think its 8 foot lengths. I have some at home left over from a replastering job but never considered its use for this. Will be using it now though. 🙂
    What are you going to call your design?

  2. jonbinspired says:

    I’m not sure why you need to protect your mouse board with a mouse guard?

  3. grahambrookbanks says:

    It’s quite soft plastic, so perhaps it will be gnawed in time. I suppose it depends on how desperate a mouse is to find a nice warm, dry nest site. I think I’ll call it ‘Brian’.

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