Swarm Timing

Posted on behalf of Pamglos:

My bees swarmed on 19th June and today, only six days later, they have swarmed again. They were both large swarms and the second swarm has gone to exactly the same spot as the first one.  My beek friend suspects that there were 2 queens living in my hTBH, is this likely? Or is the second swarm a cast, or overswarm? Previous comment says a 7 to 10 day period is normal for a cast, is six days too short a period?

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1 Response to Swarm Timing

  1. simplebees says:

    Six days for a cast to leave after the prime swarm is not too short a time if the leaving of the prime swarm was delayed by poor weather. I know of a case this year of a prime swarm issuing at the same time as a cast. The prime swarm and cast separated after leaving the hive.

    More than one queen in the hive could be the case if dealing with multiple casts but in such a case the swarms normally issue on subsequent days, not 6 days apart.


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