My First Swarm!

My bees swarmed this afternoon at 14:30. Fortuitously, I was in the garden at the time  For a while, the air around the hive was thick with bees, and the njoise was incredible!  I was a bit worried that they would settle in next door’s big willow tree, but after a while, they settled in a low laburnum, close to the hive and right on the boundary with next door.  I called my mentor and he called round with a skep to collect them. He turned the skep upside down on a white sheet and we had a cup of tea while we waited to make sure that the bees outside were making their way into the skep.  When we looked under the skep a little later, we saw a piece of comb, the size of a credit card on the sheet.  Hugh thought they must have started building comb in the laburnam bush!  Those girls work fast!  Unfortunately I haven’t yet made a new Warre hive to house them, so he’s coming back this evening to take them to a new home and I’m going with him to watch and learn.ImageImageImage

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One Response to My First Swarm!

  1. simplebees says:

    Well done.

    Gareth, Cotswolds

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