Early swarms

Just getting ahead of myself here… but hives almost finished so am getting excited. 

I can’t say the building process has been as easy as expected, more just that it takes so flippin long to machine all the bits.  Will post pics when done.

Thoughts are now turning to stocking the hives, which should be finished by end of next weekend.  If anyone gets a swarm within a reasonable distance of High Wycombe that they are willing to part with, would they mind letting me know.  Many thanks. T

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2 Responses to Early swarms

  1. simplebees says:

    Have you thought about putting notices in local shops and on local notice boards? Also, try contacting the local council and even joining the local BKA (although from their lack of response to your enquiries so far you may consider this a lost cause). Oxfordshire BKA has an active swarm officer who coordinates all swarms reported. John Haverson in Hampshire, who is a member here, is also very active, so good swarm liaison people do exist. There is also an online list of swarm collectors that you might consider. I think I got a call or two from it last year.

    Gareth, Cotswolds

  2. timclay3 says:

    I’ve managed to join the local BKA and am on their swarm list, also been in touch with all the local pest control people and the local National Trust guys who apparently get regular swarms in their orchard.
    Just trying to maximise my chances of picking up a good healthy swarm as early as possible so good advice with local shop windows & thank you. Will also try the online list.
    Tim, High Wycombe

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