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Drone Laying Queen or Worker

Two weeks ago a National colony (run as a Warré) was flying well; good activity and pollen collected. Yesterday on a rare fine day, I noticed bee traffic to be heavy with drones – every other bee returning seemed to … Continue reading

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Cross combing continued!

We had a surprisingly warm and sunny afternoon yesterday so I was able to take a peek at the two new swarms. The one which had to be removed from a National to a new Horizontal is perfectly straight with … Continue reading

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Mouse Guard

I would be interested to know what type of mouseguard folks use on a Warre hive. I have wooden guards which cover the whole entrance with a very small gap in the bottom but I’m always worried that mice would … Continue reading

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Continuing wet weather & feeding

I am finding that, with the continuing wet weather, several of the smaller swarms that I hived earlier in the year are now out of stores.  This became obvious yesterday when I hefted the boxes, and was confirmed by looking … Continue reading

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what is a bee inspector?

various posts have mentioned the bee inspector.  who is this? and why would they want/need to look at my bees?  how does the bee inspector even know I have bees? Ruth

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