My First Swarm – Postscript

After the drama of my recent swarm, I was unable to get into my neighbours garden before they up and left for their new home. Over the last few days I have been observing the coming and goings of the hive.  Lots of bees still foraging and bringing back supplies.  Is this an indicator of a laying queen?

One difference, however, is the increase in the number of drones.  Far more than previously.  Is this significant?  I have also noticed that the bees seem to be raising what appear to be some more queen cells, but they have moved their operations down to the second box rather than in the first box.  Why would they do this after such a large swarm? Could they be looking to swarm again, or is this a sign that they may not have a queen?  Just when it seems that I have an answer to a particular issue, another ten seem to pop up!

Graham, Reading Berks 

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