Background to, and effects of, Neonicotinoids

For those who are unaware of it, there is a long and interesting article that discusses the background to, and effects of,  neonicotinoid insecticides (now there’s a mouthful) here, on Mark Avery’s blog.  For many years Mark was the conservation director of the RSPB.

Gareth, West Oxfordshire

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2 Responses to Background to, and effects of, Neonicotinoids

  1. maryw7 says:

    URGENT response needed: An Early Day Motion has been submitted to the House of Commons:
    Martin Caton
    Sir Bob Russell
    Sir Alan Meale
    Sir Peter Bottomley
    Mr Dennis Skinner
    Jim Shannon
    * 17
    Mr Gordon Marsden
    That this House notes the recent publication of the scientific paper, Effects of imidacloprid, a neonicotinoid pesticide, on reproduction in worker bumble bees, by Laycock, Lenthall, Barrett and Cresswell, which reports research showing that exposure of bumble bees to environmentally realistic levels of imidacloprid reduced brood production by one third; believes that this is a major concern as bumble bees are important pollinators whose population has declined over recent years; recognises that this research adds further to the considerable body of evidence linking neonicotinoid use to population reductions in a range of invertebrates; and calls on the Government to ban the use of this group of systemic pesticides anywhere in the UK.

    Seventeen names is well below the number of names supporting some of the other Motions that have been submitted. Could everyone write to their MP to ask them to support this one so it goes up the list.

  2. woodturner101 says:

    Done that Mary. Also added that these pesticides affect honey bees too, just in case our MP doesn’t know that.

    Tony – South Yorkshire

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