Warre Queens out & about

Our “swarmy” Warre produced a large Prime swarm a few weeks ago & since then seems to be very quiet worker wise although there still seems to be  plenty left inside.  It has a huge amount of Drones flying out daily (far outnumbering foragers) but so far this season has only produced one section of new comb.   Yesterday I noticed on a number of occasions a queen  on the step covered in attendant bees (non agressive but very interested) and in each case she eventually ran up the side of the warre hotly pusued by those that could keep up & then flew off.  I dont know if they were the same or different queens.  I’ve seen queens outside before but workers ususally show no interest at all – is that a sign that they have already mated??

Last year this hive virtually swarmed itself to vacancy but built up numbers very fast in the spring – it looks like there will be more casts going out once the weather improves….


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