Trouble in the Hive?

My new bees, a swarm hived yesterday:  through the observation window, I can see that all is not well in the hive. Most of them are on the floor not moving or making any sound.  What is wrong with them? It was a very blowy night last night with the wind blowing towards the hive, but this behaviour doesn’t look right at all even for bees recovering from an upset. I am now doubting they have a queen or she is dead or something?

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2 Responses to Trouble in the Hive?

  1. FollowMeChaps says:

    Any chance of a photo?

  2. simplebees says:

    That does not sound like a happy hive for sure. You would expect the bees to be all clustered on the top bars – they generally do this in one corner of the box. I recall that they were very slow to move into the hive and you had to do a bit of encouragement. I am now wondering if the colony is hungry and on the edge of starvation. Given the changeable weather we have been having, this could be possible if the swarm has been out in the rain for several days. If it were me I’d make some 1:1 syrup, put some in an shallow container – a soup bowl say, float some grass or bits of stick etc in it to stop the bees drowning and place it on the floor of the hive next to the pile of bees. You might need two people to do this – one to lift the hive and the other to place the bowl. Then see what happens.

    I know some would say that, if they are supposed to die, they should be left in peace to do so, but I believe that if some simple, short term, help can benefit them, it should be given.

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