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what happens next?

22.5 – 3 days after the great exodus from the hive I now find there are a few bees coming in and out and assume that these are some stragglers who got left behind.  Queenless and purposeless – what will happen … Continue reading

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Warre Hive Feeders

Just trying to get a little more prepared for when some bees finally decide to make home here.  Do you have any details for what sort of feeder I should use for a Warre hive?  Are they commercially available or … Continue reading

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mesh floors

I have mesh floors in both my top bar hives which are now covered with wood chippings from sawn trees off Salisbury Plain. There is rotting wood, bits of twig and some leaf which I have spread thinly on the … Continue reading

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They didn’t know they were your bees Mum

19th May : A cold windy day and an early morning visit found a single dead bee on the landing board and no activity round the entrance.  The hive was ominously silent.  Later that day, two dead bees and no-one … Continue reading

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To feed or not to feed?

17th and 18th May: The new swarm seemed happy enough today.  The hive gave off a gentle buzzing sound, bees were coming and going – leaving backwards it seemed to me – are they memorising the setting for when they return?  I … Continue reading

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First catch your bees….

May 16 – After weeks of waiting with my new top bar hive sitting hopefully in the garden, the call came through from the local swarm officer – would I like a swarm?  A moment of panic led to a … Continue reading

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Baiting hives to catch a Swarm

I, too, baited my top bars with lemon grass oi a week ago with no luck yet.Having just put on periscopes to the front of the hives, I then stuffed a small bunch of grass, sprinkled with lemon grass oil to … Continue reading

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