Bees on the Move

The TBH is back home with the transfered colony from the national. They had their 5 day ‘holiday’ 5 miles away and we picked them up at sunset, having screwed the followers in place to help prevent the bars slipping around during the journey in the back of the pick up truck. It took four of us to gently lift the TBH into the truck and secure well with rope. Fortunately one of the bee removing team is a sailor so we got him to tie the knots. The normal journey time of 20 minutes took an hour as we crawled home trying to avoid every pot hole and bump in the road. We crossed a field and a river and unloaded them oh so carefully, by which time it was dark. The bees appear to be happy though they were seen buzzing around the old dismantled hive they had swarmed to originally next door so we brought the bits of hive next to the TBH until they lost interest. They now seem settled in. The followers were unscrewed yesterday in the warm afternoon sun and they are building comb onto the cut off national frames and new comb onto the TBH bars. I think I see brood too so fingers crossed. I wonder how the ‘bees on the scaffolding’ home coming went?  Simple bees – hah! Extreme bee keeping more likely!


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3 Responses to Bees on the Move

  1. simplebees says:

    Well done! 🙂

  2. ruth talbot says:

    I’ve just posted an update on the scaffolding bees which are not (I suspect) in my hive!! But the journey of the hive from the top of the scaffolding to the van and then 4 miles home was slow and painstaking. sounds like you have a happy colony developing but do put up more news of thier progress

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