what happens next?

22.5 – 3 days after the great exodus from the hive I now find there are a few bees coming in and out and assume that these are some stragglers who got left behind.  Queenless and purposeless – what will happen to them now?  And what is the best approach if I’m offered another swarm?  Beginning to realise that this bee-keeping lark is even more complex than I first thought…..


About walthambees

I am a complete novice to bee keeping - eager to learn, willing to try, happy to acknowledge that I know little and prepared to write about that in the hope that others will share their wisdom and experiences!
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2 Responses to what happens next?

  1. simplebees says:

    If you are offered another swarm, I’d take it. The bees you are seeing now might be stragglers, but they might also be scouts. The whole south of England is alive with swarms today. I got the first swarm call at 7.10am!! It was too far away. I eventually responded to a call at 6.00pm and it was bumble bees!!

  2. Lynne says:

    Hi Ruth – Yes, it sounds likely they are most likely just a handful of stragglers who were out when the colony left, And if so, they will not thrive in the long term as the swarm was present in your hive for such a short time, it’s likely nothing remotely rescueable or productive remains. So, just ignore them, and if you are fortunate to get another swarm before they have completely died off, simply use the hive as if it were empty. Any new swarm will be far, far more numerous than these remnants and should take over the tenancy with no problem. That is, as long as you leave the new swarm to unpack, put up shelves, and settle in for a good few days before giving in to the temptation to take a peek. Good luck!

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