They didn’t know they were your bees Mum

19th May : A cold windy day and an early morning visit found a single dead bee on the landing board and no activity round the entrance.  The hive was ominously silent.  Later that day, two dead bees and no-one moving.  By nightfall it was clear that the bees had gone.  My son, in an attempt to reassure me, explained what had happened.  “You didn’t name them.  They didn’t know they were your bees Mum”.

So what have I learned?  I feel much more confident, should the swarm officer will give me another chance, that I can handle the bees into the hive.  My conviction that bees are utterly fascinating and absorbing has been confirmed.  I’ve had a reminder that bees are wild animals and make thier own decisions about what they do and where they go.  But there are so many questions – should I have fed them?  Should I not have fed them? Did this happen becuase its so cold?  Where did they go?  Is the problem the open mesh floor and should I cover all or some of it to stop cold drafts? Might they come back? (OK that’s the optimist in me) Did I do something wrong?

Meanwhile, I’ve contacted the swarm officer and re-alerted all my bee-keeping freinds to my empty hive status.  I’m hoping some expert bee-keepers will offer advice and explanations.  I’m searching through my newly acquired library of bee-books for ideas. And, most importantly of all, I’m preparing a list of names for the swarm I hope to find very soon……

About walthambees

I am a complete novice to bee keeping - eager to learn, willing to try, happy to acknowledge that I know little and prepared to write about that in the hope that others will share their wisdom and experiences!
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2 Responses to They didn’t know they were your bees Mum

  1. ingrid says:

    In sympathy. I know how you feel- rather bereft – but now I know – I need to prepare a list of names ready for a much hoped for new swarm.

  2. FollowMeChaps says:

    Sorry you lost them. Some put a queen includer (like a excluder but used to keep the3 queen in) on the entrance for a couple of days. My tip for next time is don’t open the hive for a few days – I personally prefer Warrés or other hive types that leave the bees undisturbed as you then don’t have to open them at all. With a horizontal you will probably have to go in to straighten comb.

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