Baiting hives to catch a Swarm

I, too, baited my top bars with lemon grass oi a week ago with no luck yet.Having just put on periscopes to the front of the hives, I then stuffed a small bunch of grass, sprinkled with lemon grass oil to the side of the entrance.  How long is it before I have to renew the oil?  It still smells nicely?

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2 Responses to Baiting hives to catch a Swarm

  1. FollowMeChaps says:

    Be very careful if using oil as it is very strong stuff and you could end up putting scout bees off.

  2. hazelmb says:

    When I used lemon grass oil I just put a few drops on a piece of kitchen roll and then put this inside a small (2″x2″)polythene bag on the floor of the warre hive (1 box). It seemed to work – a swarm arrived within 5 days. I removed the poly bag when I sited the warre later. HMB

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