Successful Bait Hive!

I primed this top part of my warre hive with essential oil of lemon grass and a swarm occupied within a week – hopefully from my top bar hive which is fairly nearby and looked close to swarming.  Now I’ve moved the warre to a different location and added a second box below.  I’ve fed some syrupImage on the floor.  Any recommendations or suggestions for anything else I should do?  It looks like some good weather is on the way so best wishes to everyone for a good week with their bees.

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3 Responses to Successful Bait Hive!

  1. simplebees says:

    Well done! It does work!! Yes, the weather looks good for the coming week. I anticipate quite a few swarms in the next week or ten days. So far they have been few and far between.

    The only comment I would make for the benefit of others is that, as far as feeding is concerned, it is quite a good idea not to feed swarms for the first 4 or so days unless they are known to have been outside for several days already. (Not something you can tell if they move into your bait hive, of course.) Not feeding allows them to use up their on-board stores and this helps control any brood disease that might have come with them in their honey stores. So resist the temptation to give them a welcome present, save that for the beekeeper!


  2. FollowMeChaps says:

    Well done Hazel. If it were mine I’d add a second and third box, maybe even fourth box immediately. There is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that bees will make their colony fit the space available and they do their maths in the first few days. If this is correct then it may be one of the reasons that help explain why some Warré hives don’t build beyond x boxes. It will also get heavier to lift after a few days!


    • hazel bolton says:

      Thank you, Robin, for this advice. I wondered about that too and added a second box when I sited them. When I checked them a couple of hours later, they were still all huddled at the top, not venturing down even to the exit. Is this normal? One piece of comb was knocked off in transit, so I removed that, but I reckon there must be one or more still there (as the cluster seemed fairly large). That’s partly why I gave syrup, as they will have to make a whole lot more comb quickly. I can’t visit them before-Weds evening – should I replenish syrup then? I don’t want to encourage any robbing by the neighbouring 2 hives; maybe I should also reduce the entrance? I used David Heaf’s plan for the hive, with a couple of his suggested modifications, so have a v helpful removable rear panel where I can put in the feed. thanks again for your help, Hazel

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